Clariti 1-Day Multifocal (30 pack)

Clariti 1-Day Multifocal (30 pack)

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Oh, happy day.

Clariti 1 day multifocal from CooperVision lets you enjoy all the convenience of a daily disposable and the healthier advantages of silicone hydrogel in one lens. 

Silicone hydrogel lenses allow more oxygen to pass through to your corneas than hydrogel lenses. That’s important—it makes the lenses more “breathable” for whiter, brighter eyes and a healthier* lens-wearing experience.

Enhanced, all-day comfort you can count on

In addition to the healthier benefits of silicone hydrogel, we also put the focus on comfort. That’s why clariti 1 day multifocal lenses are naturally hydrating, for enhanced, all-day comfort
Curious? Talk to your eye care professional about clariti 1 day multifocal.